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Manifold is a collaborative, open-source platform for online publishing that supports media-rich content and annotation. With Manifold, you can publish dynamic digital texts with rich media support, powerful annotation tools, and robust community dialogue. Manifold transforms scholarly publications into living digital works. The CUNY installation serves as a free publishing platform for the CUNY community, where members can create projects to house either their own scholarship or custom classroom versions of texts and textbooks that are openly licensed or in the public domain. The platform can be self-hosted and used for the production of student texts or open educational resources. Manifold can ingest source texts from a variety of sources, including Word docs, EPUBs, HTML, and markdown.

It is being developed in collaboration between University of Minnesota Press, The CUNY Graduate Center Digital Scholarship Lab, and Cast Iron Coding. Round two of Digital Services Pilot Program will begin accepting applications soon and includes a year of free hosting and technical support for setting up an instance. The source code is also openly available to host on your own server and spin up your own instance.

Use cases


  • Rich Course Version of Course Pack

Digital publishing

How to use it