Edit-a-Thon (June 4, 2019)

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This edit-a-thon will emphasize open and ethical tools for working with data, including data wrangling, data analysis, and data visualization.

Check out the list of [Tools] to be added, including:

  1. Data Wrangling
  • [[1]] (free, open-source, desktop tool for mass data transformation) - [source code]
  • [Data Converter] (free, open-source, browser tool for turning Excel or CSV data into web data formats like HTML, XML, and JSON) - [Data Converter source code]
  • [[2]] (free, open-source, browser tool for adding geographical data to a spreadsheet) - [source code]
  1. Data Analysis
  • R programming language and Tidyverse packages
  1. Data Visualization
  • RAWGraphs