Student Voices

This page is reserved for students to add their own thoughts, questions, and resources about ethical issues in educational technology. Students should feel free to organize this page in a way that best reflects their interests and needs.

What concerns do you have about educational technology?

1. Too much exposure to information With the access of the internet and the help of educational technology, students now can complete their assigned homework with their least efforts since they have access or freedom to search for information that students are not supposed to have, such as homework solutions, quiz answers, etc.

2. Laziness and procrastination Since students can get help from the internet or some other educational technology, students now tend to do their homework before the deadline. With all kinds of resources and online free tutorings, students think they can finish their work in less time with less effort; therefore, there is no need for students to do their homework throughout a period but do it in one time setting before the deadline.

3. Data privacy Many online education sites require students to input their personal information for registration before usage. There is an increasing probability that students' profile data get exposed without permission or shared between different education websites. The internet and other educational technology severely threaten students' online profile privacy and their searching data.

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