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A collaborative wiki of tools for ethical pedagogy.

Why Ethical EdTech?

Much of what passes for educational technology is designed for purposes of profit-seeking, surveillance of students, and user lock-in. Other kinds of technology exist, but they typically lack the marketing and sales budgets of competing vendors. This is a directory, created by and for higher-ed educators, for sharing tools and use-cases. We believe that education can be a critical site through which to transform the broader tech industry and the cultures surrounding it.

What is Ethical EdTech?

Ethical EdTech does not assume a perfect or universally agreed-upon set of digital tools or rules. Tools by themselves do not guarantee ethical pedagogy, and we do not deny that tools not included here can be used in ethical ways. Rather, we seek to point out tools that value user freedom, privacy, and control, so that these norms might become more easily within reach. Read more about our working guidelines here and suggest your own.


Browse by tools or tool category below to find ethical edtech alternatives for teaching and learning activities. But above all this is a participatory project. We need you! Get involved in building the directory through the Contribute page. Add articles, questions, and challenges related to ethical edtech on our shared Syllabus. To participate in discussions about site development, join our email discussion list.

Oh, and come to one of our upcoming events!

This directory is a work in progress. To help build it, start here, and follow Recent Changes here.