Open Science Framework

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Open Science Framework is "a free and open source project management repository that supports researchers across their entire project lifecycle." It includes tools for data-sharing, collaboration, and preprint publication for scholarly projects, integrating with multiple external tools, including Zotero and Nextcloud, as well as popular commercial services.

OSF is a project of the nonprofit Center for Open Science. The platform's code is available under an Apache license.

Use cases

Build and share a collaborative research project

OSF has various tools to support collaboration, including a wiki, file sharing, and version control on its hosted projects. These can be used to enable colleagues to collaborate on sharing data and writing processes.

Create a preprint server for your field

OSF allows for the creating of semi-autonomous preprint servers. Learn more at OSF preprints.

How to use it

Replacement for

  • Commercial cloud collaboration tools like Google Docs
  • Commercial preprint services like SSRN