Sublime Text 3 (Offline editor)


Sublime Text 3 is generally used as a multi-purpose, offline, text editor for computer programming. It is supported on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, and is in its 3rd Generation.

Why Sublime?

Sublime is has a clean appearance, key-binded commands, color coded, you can drag and drop files to edit them, and is a quick and easy set up (no longer than 5 minutes). Note you will have to save the file underneath the file type you wish before receiving the benefits of color coding.

Download and Install

Simply visit on a new tab. The website should auto-detect what kind of operating system you are using, or prompt you to leave because your operating system is not supported (ie: Chrome OS). Click the grey "Download for [Your Operating System]" to initiate the Sublime download process.

For Windows

Open up the .exe file for Sublime to begin the set-up wizard/download the program. Follow through the prompts and allow administrative access to fully download Sublime Text 3!

For Mac OS

Open up the file you just downloaded and follow through any necessary prompts. After this is complete, Sublime will either automatically add itself to the applications folder, or you will have to drag and drop the Sublime Text 3 icon into the applications folder.

For Linux

The commands to install Sublime can be found here:

Use cases

Sublime is a programming text editor, like atom or nano. It can be used to create web pages, games, etc. as well as edit a host of file types. By clicking on the application, Sublime will boot up what every you were working on before. For more uses and what you can do with Sublime, look at their home page and wiki.


Click on the application. Sublime will automatically boot. By clicking file and then something on the lines of: "New Folder" or "New File", you can create a new programming file. Remember to save files frequently. Some simple commands for Sublime are:

  • Control + Shift + L to split selection and Control + D to select the next occurrence of a word. This can be used to replace multiple lines of code with different variables into multiple lines of the same code (instead of manually inputting each difference).
  • Control + Shift + P to see the list of all commands
  • Control + S to save files. You must save all files manually to confirm changes and refresh code to see changes.
  • Control + F to find and replace certain variables

Replacement for

Any text editor. This is not a replacement for Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which are meant for document creation, not programming.

External links (This link is for Sublime Merge, which can be used to enhance text editor experience by resolving all merge conflicts)