This page will be used for collecting articles, questions, and challenges related to ethical ed tech. Please add to the lists!



What challenges keep you from avoiding the use of technologies that practice unethical forms of user surveillance and control? List any social, technical, institutional or other challenges that come to mind.

  • There is no easy-to-use alternative to Google Docs, which is useful for facilitating collaborative writing, peer review, and instructor feedback.
  • Students may be more inclined to use the (often more user-friendly) tools they are already familiar with rather than learning how to use different tools.
  • Creating classroom consciousness takes time and scaffolding - a difficult task in short terms with many students.
  • Instructors may be prescribed access to specific technologies and institutionally asked or mandated to use them.
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  • How can educators learn more about surveillance practices happening via educational technology on their own campuses?
  • How can educators influence campus IT decisions?
  • How do we offer students open source tools and resources when they already have familiarities with proprietary tools?
  • How do we maintain an equitable classroom when students have different levels of access to technology & tech tools?
  • When are data collection practices ethical? When giving personal data, what does actual consent versus coerced consent look like?
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What would an ethics of ed tech look like?