NAME (Online editor)

Overview is an online text-editor that can be used on any device (with the appropriate browser). It supports dozens of popular programming languages, hosts random online hackathons, has several discussion forums, etc.

Advantages can be used on any device, making it ideal when one cannot download a good text editor. has sharing, auto-saving, color coded text and a light/dark theme for easier readability, easy file creation, deletion, and uploading capabilities, support on various web browsers, several easily accessible commands, public projects etc.

Get to

The website is located at: You will need to create and confirm a account, but can be used regardless of an account (but changes will not save). After the account set up is complete, you will either be redirected to or you can visit (where you can view personal projects).

Use cases is a programming text editor, like atom or nano. It can be used to create web pages, games, etc. as well as edit a host of file types. Clicking the blue


Visit or log in to to see your own coding projects. Clicking on a project you have created will open up a tab for you to edit. Clicking on the blue + new repl will prompt you to enter the type of coding language you want to create. Clicking on the three dots located on the side of each project will give a set of options, including edit, history, or delete.


One of the key features of is the fact that it supports sharing and multiplayer. For the first time, you can collaborate on programming projects online with ease, much like Google Docs. User's text edits will be clearly marked, and there is a real time chat for easier communication. In addition, you can view other people's projects and duplicate them for personal use. For a quick video about the application of multiplayer, see

Replacement for

Any text editor. This is not a replacement for Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which are meant for document creation, not programming. Note that this can only be used online. If the editor is offline, it will not close out the application, but will not be able to be saved.

External links

Some websites that have been created with are:, (Bing incognito if admin blocks you XD)