Reclaim Hosting

I'd like to dispute the note (stated in the article as it is written today 3/30/19) " ...that Reclaim Hosting is a paid service and likely an option educators will want to pursue with their institution rather than on their own."

It is true that Reclaim Hosting is a paid service and it is also true that they offer a product that they call "domain of one's own" that is deployed at the institutional level which would be cost prohibitive for any individual and would also just not make sense at the individual level. But they also offer individual hosting packages that are extremely reasonable in terms of price - I think $30-50 per year. I have taught with domains in a single class before and it is a great way to get started with domains at a small scale and prove that they are valuable. This does require some funding from the instructor or the instructor passing on the cost of the domain to the students. It is important to note that with this model the student is the true legal owner of the domain (name and hosting account). The difference between these two models is an interesting one in terms of what we mean by "ownership". Both models have benefits and drawbacks but I believe the note as it currently stands is a misrepresentation of the offerings from the company.